Residents and Leasing

Optimize your leasing and renter management activities using PC Guru's all-in-one property management solution. Makes it easy to set up and track the schedule for rent increases based on the terms of each lease. Once scheduled, future monthly charges will be adjusted to reflect these changes Task Management with PC Guru's Activities can be created for properties, units, and occupancies, allowing you to stay organized and get things done more efficiently. You can have multiple eyes viewing the list of actions and anyone on your team can start working on them without needing to be notified. Track various activities related to the execution of your commercial leases such as preparing for rent increases, renewals, and options to expand

Residents & Leasing Management

Optimize your leasing and renter management activities using PC Guru's all-in-one property management solution.

Property Management

There’s a lot on your plate as a property manager. That’s why you need a solution that’s flexible, integrated and streamlines the entire property management process in one place. When you manage your properties in Property care guru, you have an offering that’s secure, reliable and cost-effective, so that you can grow your business.

Organize and Share All Your Important Information

Track, search and share your properties, leases, contacts, vendors and much more.

Contract expirations, Renewals, Check-in, and Check-outs

Managing your lease expirations, renewals, move ins and move outs are arguably one of the more challenging tasks in property management. Propertyware helps you manage this process with alerts and workflows that can be customized to meet the needs of your business.

Share Your Files Easily

Say good-bye to frustrating searches for files in file cabinets and email archives. Propertyware lets you organize, search and share files anytime, anywhere (even offline).

Hassle Free Work Order Management

Enjoy dramatic time and cost savings by managing your service requests, work orders and vendors in the Propertyware cloud.

Accounting & Reporting

The truth is that you can have all the features in the world and they wouldn’t matter if your accounting doesn’t function properly—this is the heart of your company. Our Property Manager offers robust property management accounting software with real-time flexible reporting so you can feel confident everything in your business is running smoothly.


Property care guru is based on a complete and solid accounting software system that was built specifically for property management professionals.

Real time

With centralized and real-time reporting capabilities, you should have full visibility into your business operations and be able to quickly identify opportunities to increase revenue and decrease expenses


Our powerful reporting tool have the ability to provide you everything from a high-level, birds-eye view, as well as, lower-level analytical details.

Document Management

Seamless document management workflow that significantly reduces paper costs and protests your tenant's information

Convenient flexible and easy

Upload and store a variety of document types to manage workflow and reduce paperwork and clutter


PDF, JPEG, JPG, Word, XLS, CSV and many more!

Accept payments online

The world is becoming more and more automated everyday. There is an increasing demand for resident and tenants to pay rent online. It's necessary to have a payment processing solution that has the flexibility to accommodate tenants that want pay online. Accepting more payment options increase the rate at which you collect rent, provides 24/7 accessibility, and streamlines staff workload. Accept directly to your bank via Automated Clearing House (ACH).


Accepting online rent payment gives you the ability to streamline accounting and ensure you get paid faster.

24/7 Accessibility

Accepting payments online means tenants have the ability to pay online at any time or anywhere in the world


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Our comprehensive and customizable property management solution is affordable too.


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